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The Avengers of Super Hero Fashion

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The costume design in movies has always been one of my favorite parts. The Avengers (despite being semi-predictable about what they were wearing) was no exception. I decided to dress up with everyone else in my group, or so they said they were. Whatever, if you are dressing up you might as well own it. It seemed natural to dress like the person that looked like me the most, Maria Hill a commander for the SHIELD organization. We had matching brown hair, bangs, and both happened to own a navy track jacket. I put my hair in a bun and printed off a SHIELD logo, DONE! See results and comparison below. Pretty good with minimal effort I must say. The viewer costumes did lack greatly compared to other films like HP and Pirates. Where at their premieres it’s a tradegy to find someone with a wand or a tattered vest.

Maria Hill AvengersMaria Hill Costume

In the film itself the standout peice was worn by Luki, Thor’s evil brother. It was a beautifully made jacket with green accents. (That matched his green eyes mind you.) Props to costume designer Alexandra Byrne. She has also done costume design for films such as Thor, Finding Neverland and Elizabeth. ┬áThere was also the always stylish Iron Man in his playboy attire and the american outfits of Captain American that were costume standouts in the film. It must be challenging to revamp these costume with each new film that comes out. It was a great film and I recommend you go see it even if you aren’t a hardcore Marvel fan. Read more about the progress of the Avengers costumes in: “Ensembles Disassembled“.

Loki Costume SketchLoki Coat Avengers

The Avengers of Super Hero Fashion

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